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The Story of the Toy Thief

About the upcoming book and to reserve a copy...

A feel good, true story about a wild coyote...

Great news!
The signed limited first edition (collector's edition) of 250 books is now SOLD OUT!

we are taking additional orders which will be a part of the regular edition, still $45, just not signed and numbered. We are expanding the first printing due to demand AND because the more we order from our printer, the less our costs per book and therefore, the more we can donate!


About the story

The Story of the Toy Thief is an enchanting true story about the playful, wild coyote who came to be known as the Toy Thief. Read more...

About the book

The book is truly an art book with over 40 images throughout.  Read more...

About Porcupine Woods

The inspiration for the setting of the book... 

Reserve your copy of the open regular edition! 

Reserve your copy now, no payment needed until we ship it to you!  TO RESERVE YOUR COPY

Donation! A portion of proceeds will be donated.

We wholeheartedly support the efforts of non profit organizations who advocate for wild carnivores and help to stop the immoral and unjust acts committed against them, especially coyotes. Over the past two years we have already donated over $1,000 in the Toy Thief's name to organizations such as Project Coyote and we hope to continue to do so with proceeds from this book.
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