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Favorites from Lake Placid NY, Trenton Falls NY, Florida, and Yellowstone National Park

All Images Copyright Pamela Underhill Karaz

Snowy Face
Snowy Trees
Lake Placid from Whiteface Mtn
Resting Place Red Fox
Barred Owl
The Five Kits
A Golden's Spirit
Snowy Face V2
Misty Loon
Female Pine Grosbeak
The Toy Thief
Golden Eyes
Ever Watchful - River Otter
The Kiss
The Hug
Great Blue Heron Stretching
Great Gray Owl Portrait
Close Up
Tender Moment
Raven I
The Three Jays
Purple Finch & Cones
Whiteface Overlook
Loon Family I
Porcupine Woods
Eagle Flying
The Look
The Eagles Nest
Great Gray Owl in Tree
Heron Love
Loon Stretch (Blue)
The Offering
Starry Night - Milky Way
The Five Kits
Male Cardinal and Buds
Blue Jays I
Goldfinch & Cones
Racing Home
Pileated Woodpecker
Mama's Portrait
The Three Geldings
The Cedar Branch
Gray Fox Male Portrait
Baltimore Oriole Cover
Full Snow Moon over the Sentinel Range II
Doe - Looking Up
Off To Hunt
Horses Racing & Snow
On the RocksHeron
Male Hummingbird
Vixen's Portrait
Morning Hunting
Full Snow Moon over the Sentinel Range I
Roseate Spoonbill III
White Pelicans Preening
Morning Mist III, Yellowstone
Fox 7382

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"Lake Placid from Whiteface Mtn"

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