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"Bringing fine artwork of nature and animals into your home adds that element of the wild we all need in our lives...   "

The beginning... 

Rich and I were doing one of our many dog walks around Mirror Lake when we walked by this great space on Main Street and noticed it had a new "For Rent" sign in the window.

Of course we had thought about having a wildlife art gallery in Lake Placid before but not completely seriously, this new "for rent" sign though certainly gave us the nudge we needed to decide to go for it. Taking a big chance on our belief in my photography connecting with others and my ability to curate a successful gallery, we took the plunge and signed the lease.


BUT... it really started years ago with the countless hours over 15 years that I spent in the field studying and photographing wildlife, learning the personalities of the animals and capturing those special moments they shared with me, and most importantly, learning their stories. Those stories are the moments that really touched my soul, and those are the moments that were really the beginning of the heart of the gallery.  


Rich Karaz Co-owner and Lily, canine official greeter


Co-worker, official noisy greeter, wild at heart,  Amber!


Pamela Karaz Co-owner and photographer with Amber and Lily.

Co-worker, squirrel chaser, queen of silliness, Lily!

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