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About the story

The Story of the Toy Thief is an enchanting true story about the playful, wild coyote who came to be known as the Toy Thief. His heart warming, feel good story captured the hearts of people from around the world and now, 10 years later, is about to become available as a book destined to become a classic. 

The book is about a wild coyote who came into our yard one late November morning as my husband and I were inside having coffee. As soon as I saw him, I grabbed my camera and we watched with amazement the 10 or so minutes as this wild coyote played with our dogs stuffed toy. We witnessed his personality and his pure joy of play and understood then, we weren’t watching just a wild animal, we were watching a sentient being full of emotion and feelings.

With coyotes being one of the most misunderstood animals in our country with stories too often unjustly vilifying them, it was especially heart warming to witness the actions of one showing a far different story. The Toy Thief captured my heart and I honestly believe he came into my life for a reason and that reason is to share his beautiful story with the world.

When the photographs and story were shared on social media back in 2014 via Mother Nature Network, the Huffington Post, The Dodo, Project Coyote, Wolf Conservation Center, Bored Panda and hundreds more, they went crazy viral. The Toy Thief captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe. The book brings you all of these wonderful, playful moments and more.

Original photographs


Entering our yard...

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