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Porcupine Woods

The scenes depicted in "The Story of the Toy Thief" aren't just used because they are magical, they are indeed part of the Toy Thief's territory, the land that is his home.  This land was part of our property and I visited these beautiful woods almost daily. In winter I loved cross country skiing through these snowy woods and in the other seasons I would walk the trails. Porcupines, deer, squirrels, fox, owls and many birds all called these woods home in addition to the Toy Thief.


Porcupine Woods

This was one of the most beautiful spots in the woods and was the inspiration for the scene below.

From the book

How could I not envision the Toy Thief walking along this snowy path. This was after all his home.


The trees from the outside

The view of Porcupine Woods from the adjacent field.

From the book

My artistic take...


And yes, porcupines really do live in Porcupine Woods

One of the hollowed out century old maples used as a winter den for a porcupine!

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