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Icy Prospect Gorge II
Porcupine Woods
First Snow
Beach Trees
Snow Sun Burst
Canal Feeder
Winter Morning
Hinckley Lake Winter Sunset
Starry Night
West Canada Hoar Frost
Red Barn in Winter
Morning Light Prospect Gorge
Snowy Prospect Gorge
Fall on the West Canada
Road to Heaven
West Canada Winter Morning
Partridge Hill Thanksgiving
Red Barn Evening Light
West Canada Creek Winter
Prospect Falls at the Height of Fall
Icy Prospect Gorge I
October Snow
Hoar Frost Laden Trees
Mill Creek
Utica Rainy Lights
Black Creek Fall II
Snowy Arch
Grace Church
Heavy Hoar Frost
Black Creek Fall Day
Upper West Canada Fall
Hinckley Full Moon
Prospect Gorge Winter Day
Back Creek Fall
Trenton Falls in its Glory
Winter Sunset
Trenton Falls High Falls Spring
Cedar Overhanging the Gorge
Partridge Hill Fall
Mill Dam Winter Day
Weathered Red Barn
Partridge Hill Fall Day
Prospect Gorge March Flood
Thanksgiving Morning Prospect Gorge
Prospect Gorge Snowsquall
Winter Morning Moon
Vintage Downtown
Prospect Falls Late Winter Morning
Spring Birch
Roaring Prospect Falls
The Archway
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