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  • Pamela Underhill Karaz

Maiden Voyage...

The next morning after all of the eagle drama, the second chick was hatched. I approached the nest as I had the previous three weeks, this time, the male was there.

He immediately starting calling, the yodel that signals a threat, me. I realized my trust relationship that I had worked on was with the female who was the nest sitter for the last week or so while the male was on the other side of the pond, he basically didn't know me and after the eagle encounter, was on high alert.

He calmed down when he realized I wasn't a threat and floated along in the mist.... I took a few moments, quickly photographed the mom at the nest and left.

The second chick hatched sometime during the night or that morning, both chicks were by her side. After taking this photograph I quickly left, understanding the very protective role dad now had. Over the next few hours the chicks needed to learn the basics of chick survival, climbing up on moms back and taking cover under her wings, and swimming, all in the first 24 hours of their tiny lives. They would soon be leaving the nest forever.

Later that day, I checked on their progress...

The maiden voyage... the chicks were now swimming, the nest no longer needed, their fragile lives now floating along the side of mom and dad. This was taken as they left the nest area, full of yellow lilies just now in bloom...

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