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"Snowy Face"

A truly special image that exudes "JOY"... 

The story behind this image... The night before we had 8 or more inches of snow that coated branches as well as the ground.  I noticed this doe jumping up on her hind legs as deer often do to grab the tasty branches of trees especially cedar which is a favorite of theirs. Each time she did this she pulled the branch down as she came back down off of her hind legs and the snow from the branch literally dumped onto her face. If you look closely though, you'll see she was successful as part of a cedar branch is in her mouth... 

"Snowy Face" is available as a metal print either as a square or in a vertical format:
Sizes available:
Table-top Sizes: 8x12 ($105), 10x10 ($110), 10x15 ($165), 12x12 ($158)
Wall Sizes: (Float Mount hanger on back), any of the table top sizes above plus larger sizes... 12x18 ($238), 16x16 ($281), 16x24 ($422), 20x20 ($440), and 20x30 ($660) 

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